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Our approach to training is anything but ordinary! We offer a range of training methods that will keep you engaged and excited throughout your learning journey.


Our induction program starts with a two-day face-to-face session where we share our organisation's vision and values and set expectations for new employees. From there, we offer workplace training that includes the Skills for Care; Care Certificate Programme - the best practice induction for social care staff, as recognised by the CQC. This program provides you with 15 standards to refresh or develop your knowledge and skills, both theoretically and practically.

You'll work alongside experienced colleagues to complete the Care Certificate, which includes training on fire evacuation, food hygiene, and other essential skills to keep those you support healthy and safe.

Once you've completed your Care Certificate, we'll provide you with bespoke training packages to ensure you have the correct skills and competencies to provide person-centered support to the individuals you work with. This training focuses on delivering outstanding care and maximising your potential.

At Encompass Care, we tailor your training to your role and responsibilities, ensuring you have the mandatory training you need, such as basic life support, medication management, and communication. We also offer bespoke training that covers the safe use of bed rails, diabetes and insulin administration, and many more exciting topics!

But that's not all! We're committed to supporting your continued professional development. Our apprenticeship program ranges from level 2 to level 7 (equivalent to a degree!), and we even help you obtain qualifications with The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in areas such as management, coaching, and mentoring.

With Encompass Care, the learning never stops, and the possibilities are endless!


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