At Encompass Care, we believe good IPC practice is vital.

Our number one priority is to keep the people we support and frontline staff safe, and good IPC practice helps us acheieve this, not only from Covid-19 but also other infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza and norovirus.

All our Encompass Care Registered Service Managers have undertaken the lead role training for IPC, so they can provide support from a service level perspective, with the support of the Organisational IPC lead. The organisational IPC lead works in collaboration with the EMT and is responsible for the delivery of an IPC programme of support to the frontline during the pandemic and beyond. We do this by...

  • Developing a supportive culture where staff give each other gentle reminders about PPE use if a staff member is wearing PPE incorrectly.
  • Providing easy to understand information enables staff and the people we support to comply with IPC requirements, keeping them safe.
  • Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is vital for infection, prevention and control.
  • Information being cascaded to the teams on a regular basis, either by email or in the form of a Memo circulated on Nourish.
  • Information being circulated promptly to ensure all services are up to date with the current guidance.
  • Expectation within services to monitor the IPC practices and report on this monthly.

Through our national memberships we are provided with the most up to date Government and Department of Health guidence and legislation on health protection. 



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