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We know that working in the care industry can be challenging and demanding, but it's also incredibly rewarding. And that's why we believe that acknowledging the exceptional work of our care staff is so important. Positive feedback and appreciation not only boost morale and motivation but also foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

We want our care staff to feel appreciated and valued, and that's why we love receiving feedback. It's a great way to let our staff know that their hard work and dedication are recognized and appreciated. Plus, it's just a great mood-booster all around!



TAP - Thanks and Praise


Encompass Care are excited to introduce you to TAP (Thank And Praise), a unique social thanking platform that enables you to show your appreciation for keyworkers quickly, easily and securely. We encourage you to leave messages of thanks on our Encompass Care wall through TAP and make someone's day brighter.

Sending a message of thanks to a member of staff or a collegue is incredibly easy. All you need to do is click on ‘Thank somebody today’ and it will only take a minute of your time. TAP will find the individual keyworker, department, or Encompass Care as a whole organisation and ensure your message is seen.

Our team is filled with hardworking and dedicated individuals who always go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to those we support.

We love to celebrate and share the appreciation we receive from members of the public, friends and families of those we support and of course each other!

And don’t forget to download the TAP App too! It will make it even easier for you to send messages of appreciation and stay connected with TAP.

Let's spread positivity and gratitude together.

 So don't wait, send a message right now and make someone smile!

To all our staff, keep up the great work, and don't forget to check out our Thanks and Praise digital Wall for a little pick-me-up whenever you need it!


Check out TAP NOW!

To: Louise Hickey, Encompass Care

Louise has been amazing and so supportive, she has taken on extra work and supported the team and organisation to get some projects done. I am grateful for all her help.

Lisa Rowland Hall

To: All Staff At Alex Road, Encompass Care

Just thought I would share with you a recent compliment we received from one painter who said what amazing staff team and home we have and would recommend it to anyone. Well done team your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed

Louise Newey

Mother of N called to say, all the staff she has spoken to have been lovely on the phone.
They offer great communication on what N has been achieving at Encombe. 
Having only stayed twice, N keeps asking to come back to Encombe.

Mrs H wanted to say thank you to Team Leader, Lisa Hall and her team in Bridport for ensuring that her daughter is happy and well looked after. 

Mother of MC was so overjoyed to spend time with him. She enjoyed her time out and loved that he went on the bus. She enjoyed the support staff company who was supporting MC and she said they were very good with MC.

L said that she found the team at Elsadene to be very professional, kind and caring towards SJR during her involvement with the End of Live care provided to J.


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