Residential, Crisis Respite, Supported Living and Community Outreach

We are a highly skilled and experienced team who are passionate about doing something that makes a difference for adults and young people who are experiencing enduring mental health, complex social, social and emotional support needs to enable them to live their best lives.

We aim to help you identify and overcome your stumbling blocks and equip you with a new way of addressing challenges that really makes a difference. Our team members will ensure that your views are heard, understood and that you feel supported at every step. We understand the challenges and pressures that can get in the way of changing old patterns and our goal is to help you make the changes you want to make.

Get ready to meet AJ, a valued individual supported by our dedicated outreach team, as we proudly present an unedited, honest, and true reflection of his story. Watch the video to get a glimpse into his life with Encompass Care.

Please access the CQC report here

In addition to our longstanding care and life experience, we bring integrity to everything we do by ensuring we work collaboratively with you, your family/advocate and other health care professionals.
We respect the values and strengths you already have and these underpin your programme of support.
Our approach to supporting you is empathetic and professional, aimed towards helping you to develop effective coping skills and navigate through extremes of thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
We appreciate that each person’s journey is unique and we want to help you to live your life more fully and in a way that brings you fulfilment and joy.
We will support you at every stage of your support journey and operate a step up/step down model to suite each pathway. All support is fully assessed, co-produced and regularly reviewed to make sure your needs are being met.
Our focus is on you. We appreciate that every person is an individual who wishes to be supported to achieve their own individual goals and aspirations and therefore offer our services across a range of environments.


Martina Goble, Registered Manager, Specialised Mental Health Services and Outreach

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

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Outreach Services

Support in Your Own Home

Our dedicated Outreach Team provides pre-assessed, bespoke support to you in your own home. We work flexibly with you to ensure we meet your requirements. We will come and talk to you and/or your circle of support to understand your support needs.

We will always aim to match the best person to work with you. Someone with similar interests and we will actively encourage you to be involved in picking this person as we know it is important you feel comfortable with them. We understand that building a trusting relationship with your community support worker is vital to your physical, mental and emotional health.

Once we are working with you, we will regularly review with you that the support we provide continues to be what you want and need and will adapt to changing requests. We are adaptable, empathetic, understanding and flexible in our approach to ensure we fulfil a meaningful service to you and enable you to live your life the way you wish. 

The service I receive from the outreach team is well run, staff respect me and my choices. Its different support to other services, its better. All staff have cars so I can get to where I want to go when I need to. 

Ryan - Supported by Encompass Care, Outreach Team. 


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