Encompass Care Bulletin - May 2023

18th May 2023

Hello Everyone!

Spring is in the air…your Executive Team have been preparing our new budgets and developing our Annual Business Plan from our 3-year Strategy for 2023-24.

We reviewed and re-evaluated the first year of our Strategy against our outturn from 2022-23 and assessed the impact upon the planning for 2023-24. The National crisis in terms of utilities, living wage, inflation and the recruitment challenges will influence our ability to remain the same, to either rationalise, or grow our Charity to provide a sustainable and high quality, safe, provision of care and support. Our priority this year, will be to manage the 2023-24 annual budget to a break-even position. As we start our new business year as a Charity, we must not forget our key achievements of last year!

Our top achievements amongst many others:

• Completed the migration project from servers to the cloud

• Continued to support remote working, maintain staff wellbeing, and create flexibility without losing productivity

• Reduced agency costs to facilitate an increase in staff pay/reimbursement

• Set out a clear pricing and invoicing structure for commissioners

• Produced analytical dashboards and governance systems


We said goodbye to:

❖ Tim Miller, our Payroll Manager, who retired with over 20 years of service to Encompass Care.

❖ Chris Kennedy, Chair of Trustees for 6 years.

❖ To Grove House, our Head Office since 2018.


So, to the future. The reign of a new Monarch, more bank holidays in one year than we have ever known and a national crisis which we must navigate the best we can. The key to our sustainability will be the robust recruitment initiatives and fundraising campaigns to attract potential new staff and customers. I am delighted to see the amazing impact our distinctive brand has had on our increased visibility, social media and showcasing events. The location of a new Head Office premises in Poundbury, importantly gives us central visibility. Our future will be your future. We will continue to live by our values, deliver our objectives and create the lifestyles that our people we support, deserve, and wish for.

My Best wishes, Viv, CEO


Board of Trustees Update

The quarterly Board Meeting took place on Monday 24th April. David Corbin chaired the meeting on behalf of the Trustees. The executive reports were well received. The focus was on the plans for the new financial year, the expectations, and contingencies. Norma has always shown her loyalty and commitment, not only as an Encompass Care Trustee for several years, but also as a Director of Nursing, she has been our Governance and Safeguarding Trustee Lead. We will miss her energy and wisdom. Hello everyone, Spring is in the air…your Executive Team have been preparing our new budgets and developing our Annual Business Plan from our 3-year Strategy for 2023-24.

A message from Norma Lee, Encompass Care Trustee:

“It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I will be resigning as Encompass Care Trustee. I have been delaying the inevitable, but unfortunately, personal health issues have caused me to reduce my responsibilities and commitments. I wish Encompass Care, Viv, your staff and all my Trustee colleagues, every success and happiness for the future.”



• ‘I was blown away and you both should be proud of yourselves for promoting such fantastic ethos and values within your service, this felt like an excellent example of partnership and integrated working.’ From a social worker working with our staff at Sandhills.

• ‘It’s been great working with you and keep up the excellent care. It’s been so good working with you and your team, you do a great job thank you.’ From a doctor working with the people at 3 Prince of Wales Road.

• 'Thank you to you and all your amazing carers' (at 32 St Andrews Road). From a Patient Key Worker at DCH.

• …fantastic and exceptional support the Elsadene Team provided, and being proactive, responsive when additional support is needed.’ From a GP.


New Home for Encompass Care

We have left our Head Office, Grove House in Dorchester and we are waiting to sign the lease on 200 Bridport Road, Poundbury.



New to Encompass Care!

A warm welcome to our new staff since January 2023 who join their teams at:

5 at Alex Rd

2 at Encombe

3 at Elsadene

1 at 32 St Andrews Road

1 at Dick O’Th Banks

3 at Community Outreach

1 at Rawleigh House


Care England Conference

Our EMT at The Care England ‘Thriving not just surviving’ Conference, held in London, March 2023 Helen Whatley MP for Social Care and Kate Terroni Chief Inspector, CQC focused discussions on funding, workforce & integration, and shared insights & strategies on how to overcome challenges and build a thriving future for the care sector.

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Concerts for Carers

“Music is like a hug for your soul.” This is a registered charity created to promote the mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff and paid carers. NHS and paid carers need to sign-up via the official website. You will require proof of employment with Encompass Care. Once registered, you can browse the available events, choose any that you would like to see, and then enter a ballot to get up to 2 tickets for free!

Concert for carers (800 600 px)

The Coronation of King Charles the Third

On Saturday 6th May was followed on Tuesday 9th May with a Royal Garden Party, held at Buckingham Place, to celebrate the Coronation. This Royal Garden Party was hosted, on behalf of The King, by The Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness was joined by The Princess of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. 8,000 guests were welcomed to the garden in recognition of their public service and charity or community work. Beki Mead, Team Leader, and Anthony Jones (AJ), who is supported by the Specialist Mental Health Outreach Team, received an invitation having been nominated by Encompass Care, through the National Care Forum. Beki and AJ had a wonderful time, and so many brilliant memories were made. AJ said he was so surprised at how normal it all felt, being there with all the others felt so natural.

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