Encompass Care Bulletin - March / April 2022

11th Apr 2022

We realise that our service users and staff have all been coping with Covid. We understand that everyone is struggling to keep themselves and others safe, there is little time for you to contribute to the Bulletin. So, we hope you will find this Bulletin informative, and we will look forward to being able to include your stories, activities, ideas, and photos next time! Meanwhile thank you for all you are doing…kind Regards Viv

Norma, Trustee and Chair Governance & Quality Committee meets Luke, Director of performance and Systems Delivery...

“Norma was particularly interested in seeing the progress made so far, and how the data we are collating feeds into the governance of Encompass. I briefly showed Norma around Nourish to demonstrate where most of the data is coming from and how we build interactions, care plans & risk assessments, and how they are designed. We went through the process of recording medication: we have one version everyone is using for consistency and accurate data collection. Norma wanted to see what is behind the dashboard she sees in the monthly board reports. I showed her the interactive functions, how we can view the statistics overall and drill down to the individual person, their service and business units to see the type of incidents, severity, time etc. She commented that she could see there is a lot of data behind the dashboard, it’s not ‘just a pretty box’ and she felt confident that data is being analysed not just processed. I spoke about how we review the dashboard every Monday and the managers have access through Office365 so they can go through everything with the Team Leaders when they meet throughout the week. Norma said that she felt reassured by the process we have put in place, and the distance travelled in the last two years where we have gone from paper incident forms to a system which provides a huge amount of valuable data.”

Happy Easter!

Our next Bulletin will be after Easter…so…

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from your Board of Trustees and your Executive Management Team.

Enjoy your Chocolates!

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Mental Health & Wellbeing


I am Hettie, you Mental Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead. A Mental Health Nurse for 30 years, those of you who know me, know that I am far from conventional!

My role is to find you the help you need to combat your difficulties and enjoy life to the full. Keeping in touch with you, getting to know you and your current issues, helping you to concentrate on your strengths, at your own pace eases you into a path of recovery. Distress is displayed in many ways, and I can support individuals at their own pace, allowing time for reflection and self-awareness. Sometimes  safe space is all someone may need. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need some support.

I am available 9-5 Monday to Friday by text, email: hettie.harrower@encompassdorset.co.uk or phone 07957 509718.


Encompass Care Finance Team introduce themselves...

James EMT Finance Business Partner

In his spare time James enjoys walking and cycling. He lives with his family, a cat, chickens, rabbits and goats!

“I am proud of all the work my team are doing to create an efficient and well-run department. We have changed and engineered new processes and enjoy a very collaborative partnership with Operations, meaning that all aspects of running the business is integral to the safety and wellbeing of our service users.”

In 2022/23 the Finance priorities will be:

• To increase efficiencies.

• Build on sustainability & resilience for Encompass Care as a Charity.


IT Services

How does a Portuguese Ecologist end up as the IT Services Manager for Encompass Care?

“I could tell you, but I would probably need a book to do so. What I can say is that it has been a pleasure developing my role and department, but this would be impossible without Alex Washington, whose support is vital. I will keep pushing the boundaries of what our department can do for our staff and our service users, as well as helping Alex realise his untapped potential to its utmost."

Filipe, IT Services Manager, & Alex, IT Services Support Officer


Elaine Operations Support Officer

I have been working for Encompass for a year after taking 3 years off work to stay at home with my 3 children.

“I started in the Training Department and then in December I was offered a role in Operations working alongside Luke, Fil and Alex, an extremely supportive team. I am very familiar with Nourish and I am excited to see where new applications such as PowerBi and Citation help the work that we do become more streamline.”


Tim, Finance Manager

“Hi, I have spent over 25 years with the Charity. Taking on various roles during this time and now responsible for managing all things payroll! My interests are playing golf badly, enjoying good films and good food! My non-working day is Wednesday.”


Anne, Accounts Controller

"Hi, working for Encompass for 2 years now, I am responsible for the month end accounts being created accurately and on time. In my spare time I enjoy running and competing in marathons."


Mark, Business Manager

Employed by the Charity for over 20 years. Mark is a member of SMT, responsible for invoicing clients on time. He is a knowledgeable Excel user. Recently he has improved the time and attendance / rota system.


Cheryl, Finance Assistant

Cheryl joined Encompass 4 years ago. She assists Debbie with the Purchase Ledger and oversees the authorisation of invoices. Cheryl has a cat Bella and tortoise Herbie!


Debbie, Finance Officer

Debbie joined the Charity in 2002. Debbie manages the Purchase Ledger, ensuring suppliers are accurately and promptly paid, she assists with the monthly payroll process to ensure we all get paid. Also responsible for processing new starters and checking records – Debbie is a keen horse rider and boxer!


Lisa, Governance Business Partner

"Hello Everyone, 

Although I have been working with you since last September, I am delighted to become a permanent member of the Executive Team.

I have worked in health and social care for over 30 years, working my way up from being frontline staff to management in Operations, Quality, Business Development. I have learnt so much while working with amazing service users and staff and could not imagine doing anything else. My passion is to develop as an HR Professional, for you to develop, feel valued, succeed but most of all provide outstanding support to our people who we care for.

I ride a Harley Davidson and love the sun! I am close to my family, and my 2 cats (Alfie and Charlie).


Encompass Care Organisation UK

Website: www.encompasscare.org.uk
Email Address: @encompasscare.org.uk

A New Name, A New Look; The Same Ethos, Drive, Culture and Principles!

It is with great pride that we write to you to share the exciting changes that will be happening for the Encompass Charity… to be known as Encompass Care Organisation UK, ‘Encompass Care’. To progress on our journey, we need an identity that reflects our values and our goals to enable everyone we support to achieve their aspirations. It should represent not only who we are now but who we want to be in the future. The change of our Charity’s name reflects the way in which we work together with those we support, to create a great life for everyone. We are launching our new identity over the following few weeks, with a range of fresh material and a new website which we hope you will find welcoming, lively, and informative.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this exciting new phase in the life of our Charity.

Chris Kennedy, Chair of Trustees. Viv De La Fuente, CEO


Encompass Care 3-Year Strategy Development 2022-2025

If we are to ensure a great future for the people we support then Encompass Care must plan for it!

Our quest to bring together the elements to create our strategy began in November 2021 with an Away Day where our Trustees focused on the purpose, identity, future of Encompass (Dorset) with Joe (external host) facilitating that event. They ‘kick’ started the process and on 14th March 2022, we shared their priorities with our staff, Team Leaders, Managers and Head Office. Joe facilitated the day via ZOOM. Thank you to everyone who attended. I understand it to have been a very positive full day of discussion, debate and direction form you all.

Our EMT presented our Annual Business Plan achievements from this year and provided staff with an overview of where we are now and where we will need to be by 2025. Joe observed that there’s no doubt there was some fresh thinking and specific new paths to explore! The recurrent themes of the day when staff expressed their views were that:

• Whilst there are numerous positives to be emphasised, work remains to be done on communication and involving Encompass’ service users more.
• Regarding expansion into other areas, the discussion was vibrant and passionate.
• About the future of Grove House there was pretty much consensus. With hybrid working and use day-rented facilities for larger meetings everyone seemed to feel comfortable with the notion of downsizing.

On 28th March we organised a half day with our Trustees, EMT and staff who wished to attend for the feedback from 14th March and the way forward. Viv and Joe facilitated the session. Two main priorities to underpin our new strategy were:
1. To review our Corporate Objectives.
2. To revise our Mission Statement, Values and decide on a clear Vision for our future.

The Next Steps will take place in small workshops, feedback on 20th April, report progress to our Board on 25th April and then finalise a draft strategy end of May / June, in time for approval at the July Board.


Email: news@encompassdorset.co.uk