Bulletin - January 2022

1st Jan 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We embark on 2022 continuing to manage a relentless wave of Covid which, as always, impacts upon our operational sustainability. Demand for our services is high yet we cannot support new people and maintain full occupancy when our staff levels are 40% down.

You all do so much, and for such little recognition. A reasonable income for Encompass requires growth and a bigger economy, it is not about volume of services but reflecting value for money in the commissioning and fees charged for the high calibre of care and support we provide. Current rates are being reviewed by Dorset Council and we await the outcome of their engagement with providers. We continue to press for a fair cost for the high quality support we provide. We are trying so hard to give you the remuneration you deserve.

We are exploring many opportunities for us at Encompass Care to be pivotal in the community and become a Charity with purpose and belonging. There are commissioning opportunities in all counties in the Southwest within our grasp and our catchment area; our reputation supports us being a preferred provider of choice.

Tracey, James, Lateefaht and Lisa. Executive Management Team

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Discussions with our Dorset Council commissioners are ongoing via the DCF2 project.

We await news of the release of the framework. No further referrals are imminent due to staffing capacity because of the national workforce crisis.



Safeguarding remains within expected levels with 23 alerts for December, 14 of these were medication related with 6 classed as serious.
There were no medication related incidents that resulted in harm or were reportable to CQC.


Head Office & Home Working Assessments

To support continued remote working due to the closure of Grove House, Head Office staff were reminded and encouraged to use staff checklists, guidance, tips and policies on Home Working, Health and Safety, Data Protection and Confidentiality.

All head office staff working from home have also returned a Home Working/Health & Safety Assessments checklist declaration. Although the Government have allowed people to go back to the office, with the current Covid situation in the services we are being cautious.


Recruitment and Advertising Vacant Posts

This has been moved solely to Indeed with everything on one platform, we are able to track performance more efficiently.

The data from Indeed will show us how many clicks (organic, sponsored and combined) each advert attracts, how many applications per advert, all broken down by location, which we can analyse for more efficient, targeted advertising in future.


Workforce Data

Monthly staff turnover for December was 4.6% with 5 starters and 9 leavers bringing the average monthly headcount to 195.5. Monthly sickness % for December was 4.6 the lowest recorded in this financial year.



Waitrose in Poundbury kindly donated shopping parcels they like to 3 Prince of Wales, supporting local charities.

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During January and February, Encompass Care customer satisfaction surveys will be sent out to all the inspiring individuals we support so...keep an eye out for it, everyone! All staff please ensure extra support is given to enable people to have their say, complete the survey and be heard. We appreciate all your views and comments, your feedback is important to us.


Congratulations, Nathan Matthews on completion of their Care Certificate!


Nutley Farm

Our service users at 3 Prince of Wales & 5 Dick O'Th Banks had a great day out at Nutley Farm and enjoyed lots to see and do!


Upcoming Events

Mencap are hosting a monthly coffee club on 8 th February continuing every 2nd Tuesday of every month @ Bridport Town Hall between 11am – 1pm. We have lots of craft things happening in the services for Valentine’s Day so…. ‘watch this space’… !


Please tell us your news!                            Email: News@Encompassdorset.co.uk