9th Feb 2024

As the curtain rises on National Apprenticeship Week, we delve into the enriching journey of Barbara Price, a Senior Support Worker at Encompass Care, as she embarked on a transformative apprenticeship experience.

National Apprenticeship Week is not just a celebration of learning but a spotlight on the remarkable stories that unfold when individuals, like Barbara, embrace the challenge of combining work, study, and personal growth. Barbara's narrative is a testament to the power of apprenticeships in shaping careers, fostering personal development, and reinforcing the commitment to support within Encompass Care. As we embark on this exploration, we invite you to witness the evolution of Barbara, from a seasoned Specialised Teaching Assistant to a Senior Support Worker seeking new horizons.

"My name is Barbara Price, and I'm a Senior Support Worker for the respite service within Encompass Care. I started my journey within Encompass Care as a bank support worker four years ago, after seeking a new challenge. I was a Specialised Teaching Assistant and PE coordinator for over 20 years, which I loved, but I felt I needed something new to challenge me. I took on a full-time position as a Support Worker and gradually grew into my role, getting promoted to a Senior Support Worker. I have many roles and responsibilities as a Senior Support Worker, supporting the Team Leader in day-to-day jobs, administering medication to the people I support, updating support/care plans, and ensuring the team is up to date with their training. I chose to work for Encompass Care because I love to help and care for others. Encompass Care as a organisation is fantastic with their support, and the Respite Service supports me immensely. I wanted to pursue an apprenticeship to do my level 3 diploma to enhance my personal development and eventually pursue a role as a Team Leader. The apprenticeship looked daunting initially, but with the support of my tutor and Encompass Care, I soon found my stride. It has given me so much more confidence in my current job role, and I'm glad I did it. .A special thanks to Encompass Care for providing the opportunity, Paragon for their great training, Rebbecca Carter for being the best tutor, Michelle Vincent, My Manager, Karen Fletcher, my Team Leader, Angel, and Teri (my fellow Seniors), and other colleagues for all the support and shoulders to lean on they gave me."

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Tutor's Insights: Barbara's tutor, Rebecca Carter, shares,

"Barbara was a fantastic learner who had a positive attitude throughout the apprenticeship. She had a bit of a slow start but submitted her work in a timely manner and was an absolute pleasure to have on the program. Barbara achieved her functional skills whilst on the program, which is fantastic and helped her become more confident in herself. Barbara’s commitment to the apprenticeship is commended and she is an example of just how beneficial the apprenticeship program can be to a member of staff."

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Donna Rayner, Encompass Care, Director of Learning and Development:

"Within Encompass Care, Apprenticeships are an invaluable tool, not only enabling development of current employees and promotion of career progression but also supporting recruitment across the whole organisation. Apprenticeships have supported Encompass Care to grow and develop a motivated, skilled, experienced workforce. It's great to see how supported Barbara felt while undertaking her apprenticeship; this will hopefully motivate others to undertake apprenticeships not only to upskill but also to reskill staff to develop more diverse teams, bringing fresh new ideas, driving positive change, and strengthening an inclusive culture."

In the grand tapestry of Encompass Care's commitment to fostering growth, Barbara's journey through her apprenticeship emerges as a vibrant thread. As National Apprenticeship Week draws to a close, we reflect on the ripple effects of Barbara's experience—a story of dedication, resilience, and triumph. Barbara's words echo the sentiment that apprenticeships, though challenging, are a gateway to personal and professional fulfilment. Her journey, supported by the diligent guidance of her tutor, Rebbecca Carter, and the overarching commitment of Encompass Care to learning and development, stands as a beacon for others contemplating the apprenticeship path. Encompass Care's Director of Learning and Development, reflecting on the broader impact of apprenticeships within the organisation, underscores their pivotal role in building a skilled, motivated workforce. The stories of individuals like Barbara contribute not only to personal growth but also to the collective strength and diversity of the Encompass Care team. As we celebrate the achievements of National Apprenticeship Week, let Barbara's journey inspire others to embrace the transformative power of apprenticeships. Beyond qualifications, they are a vessel for cultivating confidence, igniting ambition, and fortifying a community dedicated to the highest standards of care. Encompass Care's commitment to apprenticeships continues to illuminate the path for those ready to embark on their own transformative learning odyssey.